The European Union and the Global Financial Crisis: A View from 2016

Graeme Baber is an independent legal researcher, specializing in international, European and United Kingdom financial law. He has published more than 30 articles, comments, briefings and updates over these areas. He has published 2 monographs with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, entitled The Impact of Legislation and Regulation on the Freedom of Movement of Capital in Estonia, […]

Developing Critical Thinking: A Multi-Dimensional Approach in the Context of South Africa

I am the current President of the International Association for Cognitive Education in Southern Africa. We are hosting our biannual international conference between 22-24 February 2017, and would like to launch the book at the conference. The book contains the collaborative efforts of a number of IACESA board members, and we would like to have […]

Biologics in Rheumatology: New Developments, Clinical Uses and Health Implications

COZIANA CIURTIN Coziana Ciurtin trained in Bucharest (Romania) and Oxford (UK). She is Consultant Rheumatologist and Director of Medicine Studies Portfolio at University College London and is currently leading the clinical trials activity within the Department of Rheumatology. Her research interests are in the study of immunological abnormalities associated with Sjӧgren’s syndrome and the role […]

Pathobiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Clinical Impact

Antonio Mazzocca received his M.D. Degree from University of Bari and his Ph.D. in Clinical Pathophysiology from University of Florence. He completed his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School and Vanderbilt University. Back to Italy, he was appointed as Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine at University of Bari and promoted to Associate Professor in Gastroenterology. […]

Intellectuals and the Chinese Communist Party: Radical Education during the Rising Age of Communism in China from 1920 to 1949

Dr. Michael Szonyi, Director of Fairbank Center for China Studies, professor in Dept. of East Asia studies, Harvard University “The middle section of the book, on education in the Jiangxi Soviet period, is the most interesting. It makes use of heretofore little-known publications of archival materials to tell the story of how intellectuals and party […]

Discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep by William C. Dement and Michel Jouvet. 1955-1970. Contribution of their Research Environment and Later Findings.

Claude Gottesmann was born in Paris and completed his studies in Psychology at the Sorbonne and at the Paris Institute of Psychology. He then completed a training course in Neuroscience at the Science Faculty of Paris and studied Psychoanalysis at the French Association of Psychoanalysis (APF) in Paris. After being Assistant Professor at the Faculty […]

Advances in Natural Products Discovery

MSc Ana Rita Gomes has graduated in Biochemistry (2010) and obtained her post-graduate master’s degree in Biochemistry (2012), both at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Currently she works in pharmaceutical industry and is a collaborator of the University of Aveiro since 2014.           Dr. Teresa Rocha-Santos has graduated in Analytical Chemistry […]

CiteSpace: A Practical Guide for Mapping Scientific Literature

Dr. Chaomei Chen is the founder and the Editor-in-Chief of Information Visualization, the founder and the Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics. He is in the study of information and scientific knowledge, especially through computational and visual analytic approaches, including information visualization, visual analytics, knowledge domain visualization, mapping scientific frontiers, and […]