About Us

(To see the latest news  on NOVA, please visit The Market Power of Global Scientific Publishing Companies in the Age of Globalization. An Analysis Based on the OCLC Worldcat – 2018)

Since opening in 1985, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. has continued to expand globally as a STM publisher. Based in New York, Nova Publishers maintains networking relationships with key advisors, authors and editors throughout the world from top universities and colleges. Through its management of hundreds of academic and professional publications and journals, the company continues to publish advanced medical and scientific research on a global scale.

Frank Columbus, the founder of Nova Science Publishers, was previously the Vice-President of Cambridge Scientific. In 1975, he was invited to work for Plenum Publishing (now a part of Springer), where he was Senior Editor and Vice-President until 1985 when he founded Nova Publishers. After his passing in 2010, Nova Publishers has been under the leadership of Nadya Gotsiridze-Columbus and Vice-President Donna Dennis and has become a highly regarded professional and academic publisher of journals, e-books, reference books, handbooks, edited collections, monographs, encyclopedias, and softcover books. The primary market for Nova Science Publishers are reference, research and academic libraries, with additional attention provided to industry laboratories, research institutes and related libraries.

The Nova Science Publishers’ Book Series features a broad array of topics that range from the environment, psychological research, philosophy, energy, medical and business development. Other growing industries currently presented by Nova Science Publishers include agriculture, engineering, finance, computer science, genetics and cellular biology. Based on the BKCI Coverage from 2005-2012, Springer was the most multidisciplinary publisher, followed by Nova Science – Coverage, Field Specialization and Impact of Scientific Publishers.

Today, the company has approximately 50 in-house employees and over 100 freelancers. As previously mentioned, they are an active participant and presenter at several academic book events and fairs annually in international locales such as Frankfurt, Beijing and London. By nurturing a roster of distributors and representatives in Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia, India and other areas of the world, the outstanding, dedicated Nova Science Publishers team continues to grow as a respected source of information for professionals of nearly all industries and backgrounds.