Cryptography, Cyber Security and Information Warfare – New Book

Nicholas J. Daras is the Dean of the Hellenic Military Academy. He has been Professor of Mathematics, authoring over 70 articles in Mathematics including 18 books and Editor of 7 Springer Books in Applications of Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis and Pure Mathematics, History of Mathematics, Stochastic Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Military Operations Research, […]

Information, Communication, and Automation Ethics in the Knowledge Society Age

Spyros G. Tzafestas B.Sc. (Physics, 1962), Athens Univ.; M. Sc. (Eng.) (Control, 1967), London Univ.; Ph.D. (1969), D.Sc. (1978), Southampton Univ. Honorary Doctorates: TU Munich (Germany), EC Lille (France). Positions: 1969-73: NRC “Demokritos, Athens; 1973-1985: Prof. Control, Patras Univ., Greece; 1985-2006: Prof. Control & Robotics, School E&CE, NTUA, Athens, Greece; 1999-2009: Director of NTUA/ICCS. Books: […]

Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements – Upcoming Book by Nova Publishers

This book adresses a variety of geochemical and biogeochemical issues of trace element behavior in soils, waters, and plants across the world, from Eastern Europe to Siberian subarctic and Arctic islands. It presents a synthesis of state-of-the-art studies—using precise analytical techniques—on trace element concentrations, fractionation, and migration in main biogeochemical reservoirs in the Northern hemisphere. […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Gambling in Gaming Destination

With the long-term goal of building Macau as a world tourism and leisure centre, the government department responsible for tourism development starts adjusting tourism policies and measures in accordance with Macau’s new positioning, and promotes sustainable and healthy development of the tourism industry in areas including marketing and promotion, tourism planning, products and events, tourism […]