The Market Power of Global Scientific Publishing Companies in the Age of Globalization. An Analysis Based on the OCLC Worldcat

This article evaluates tendencies and trends of the global academic publishing industry, vital for any reasonable long-term publication strategy planning in research. Such analyses are made possible today by the OCLC Worldcat. Our multivariate attempt, combining Worldcat global library circulation figures of publisher companies with results from earlier publisher ranking studies, is based on factor […]

New Book

Günter A. Müller received his PhD and habilitation in genetics. After having spent more than two decades in drug discovery research for metabolic diseases at pharmaceutical industry in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), he is currently engaged in biomarker and diabetes research at the Helmholtz Center for Health and Environmental Research, and as lecturer at the […]

Motor Skills in Childhood and its Development from an Animated Physical Education – Theory and Practice – Forthcoming Book

This book is focused on justifying the necessary presence of physical education in infant education as well as showing a pedagogical proposal based on an attractive and entertaining motor intervention for children at this stage. This book contains concepts and assumptions about the psychomotor development such as the different motor skills and how to work […]

Old and Novel Humoral Biomarkers of Autoimmune Myasthenia Gravis – New Book

Several tests/biomarkers are available to confirm the diagnosis of autoimmune myasthenia gravis in clinical practice, such as the ice-pack test, the edrophonium test, electrophysiological tests, and tests to measure the serum concentrations of specific autoantibodies. Recent advances include the typing of further causative autoantibodies and other proteins involved in immune response including inflammatory, genetic and […]