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The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (A Closer Look at the New York Convention)


Mostafa Fahim Nia

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A PhD holder in International Commercial Law from Sorbonne University (Paris 1).

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Attorney at Law, Corporate Legal Advisor, Internationally Operating Researcher.

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This book focuses on the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards under the New York Convention. The importance of this book stems from the critical role arbitration plays as a peaceful means to settle international trade disputes. In fact, the effectiveness of international arbitration depends on whether awards can be enforced against the losing party. Therefore, the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards is considered a significant issue in the field of international commercial arbitration.


It should to be noted that this topic has attracted an extensive amount of discussion and analysis. Therefore, the focus of this book will be confined to key subjects that, in the author’s estimation, are most likely to represent the core recognition and enforcement issues before national courts. The research method is comparative and analytical in nature and will consider every topic discussed from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint. The theoretical viewpoint analyzes the solutions proposed in the various books, articles, projects, and drafted laws that concerned public and private international organizations have developed. The practical viewpoint examines the judicial interpretations by the national courts of the applicable regimes. The use of a comparative method will enable a deeper understanding of a country’s approach towards foreign arbitration. It will show both similarities and differences among national courts in enforcing foreign arbitral awards and deduce the best ways to implement foreign arbitral awards.

Mostafa Fahim Nia

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