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Nicholas Daras

Academic Affiliations

Professor Nicholas J. Daras
Dean of the Hellenic Military Academy
Vari-Koropiou Avenue, Greece

Present Position

Nicholas J. Daras is the Dean of the Hellenic Military Academy. He has been Professor of Mathematics, authoring over 70 articles in Mathematics including 18 books and Editor of 7 Springer Books in Applications of Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis and Pure Mathematics, History of Mathematics, Stochastic Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Military Operations Research, Quantum Computation, Cryptography, Security and Mathematical Modeling. He has received one of the Academy of Athens awards for the publication of one of the best papers in mathematics and is the supervisor of several Doctoral, Master and Diploma Theses.

Description of the Book that can be Used in a Scholarly or Scientific Journal

This book brings together a broad variety of mathematical methods and information theories with several applications from a number of disciplines. It discusses new directions for further inventions in Cryptography, Cyber Security and Information Warfare. It is hoped to provide some good understanding of the mysteries of security in its broadest sense.

For Whom the Book is Written

It will be particularly useful to graduate students, scientists and engineers, who wish to be introduced to a wide spectrum of relevant theories, methods and applications leading to a global interdisciplinary research in Cryptology and Information Warfare.


Electronic Crime, Ethics and Risk Management in Cyberspace, Economic Information Warfare, New Technologies in Security Systems, Military Communications, Cyber Warfare, Military Information Support Operations, Cyber Security, Engineering Applications to Security Systems, City Risks and Privacy

Nicholas Daras

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