Case Reports in Dentistry


Care Reports in Dentistry is a book that provides strategy treatment information based on various cases in dentistry, including oral medicine, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontology and prosthodontics. It illustrates the treatment strategies in clinical dentistry. The topics are varied starting from related to biopsy of fibrous epulis flap, vestibuloplasty, treatment in generalized aggressive periodontitis, frenectomy, correction of occlusal vertical dimension, window technique, variation treatment for complete denture, esthetic restoration, surgical excision, crown lengthening, mini implants overdenture, and management treatment in oral medicine case. This book is suitable for both students, academicians, and dental professionals to help them in their daily practice and broaden their knowledge.

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This collection of case reports in oral medicine, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontology and prosthodontics addresses a number of clinical problems encountered in the treatment of various patients and shows how these cases have solved them. Practical treatment strategies illustrate how to achieve the highest standards in clinical dentistry. This book will not only serve as a useful reference to dental specialists, but also help general practitioners solve clinical problems related to their patients that may be encountered in daily practice. The book is written by the best practitioners in Indonesia and other countries. This book shall be valuable in handling various patients from the well-known practitioners which are not always learned in dental schools nor published elsewhere.
Each report follows a structured approach. In all cases, the rationale for the chosen treatment option is explored to give the reader a thorough understanding of the treatment aims. Readers shall benefit from reading the relevant case following a more formal introduction to the topic. The suggestion is that this book will be followed by similar publications, and as such could form a case library in dental schools. (Nova Medicine and Health)