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Achieving the Quadruple Ver 2 978-1-63321-675-4Achieving the Quadruple Aim in a TechnologyLimited Time Only!

This unprecedented book focuses on how to achieve the Quadruple Aim (better care, improved health, lower costs and decreased medical liability) in a rapidly transforming, consumer-driven and accountable financing and delivery system, through the appropriate use of leading edge information technologies. This book also emphasizes how reforming the medical liability system to accommodate to this transition from a volume to a value based system should facilitate achievement of the Quadruple Aim.

“With some fresh thinking and keen new insights, Dr. Couch has made a major contribution to our “toolkit” to fix our broken healthcare system.”

“With keen new insights, Dr. Jim Couch proposes an innovative, Quadruple Aim, linking reform of the medical/legal system to a more comprehensive reform of our ailing healthcare system. Kudos to Couch!”

“In a candid and surprisingly easy to read text, Dr. Couch delivers the goods! His innovative Quadruple Aim distills the core requirement of fixing our medical/legal system before we can fix our broken healthcare system.”

“Dr. Jim Couch has done it this time! With fresh thinking and keen new insights, he delivers the goods by introducing us to the Quadruple Aim and making us think about reform of the medical/legal system and its link to reform of our ailing healthcare system.”

David B. Nash, M.D.
M.B.A. Dean
Jefferson School of Population Health
Thomas Jefferson University

“Dr. Couch has captured the ongoing reform of the American healthcare system in a moment of equipoise – a balance he seeks to tip in favor of greater value. He has worked to create positive change in quality and safety over his entire career. His special knowledge of the barriers to achieving better healthcare for individuals and populations at lower cost – the essence of the so-called “Triple Aim” – is captured in his concept of a fourth aim, (the “Quadruple Aim”) namely decreased medical liability. This is the focus of this book.”

“Dr. Couch uses a low key informality in this book to be an effective voice for healthcare reform. The reader will discover his passion in the well- crafted pages that offer a “primer” on the state of healthcare…He examines both clinical and information technology, financing mechanisms like bundled payments, and the shift towards far more extensive involvement by patients and consumers in their own care and their willingness to pay for that care. He does it well. He does it so well that even the sophisticated reader will find insights in what I’m characterizing as the “primer” aspects of the book.”

Jeffrey Lerner, PhD
President and CEO
ECRI Institute

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